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3 Ways to Join!


P.O. Box 862, Lorton, VA 22199

FEW FTC Membership

  1. Select Buy Now to pay the annual dues, then Download the Membership Application and Email to fewftc@gmail.com (small credit card fee applied)
  2. Complete the online form and payment via the FEW website.
  3. Subscribe to automatic payment $5.00 per month.



How to Join Us

  1. Select Buy Now to Pay the annual dues,  (small credit card fee applied)
  2. Complete the online form and payment via the FEW website, you will need your login and password.
  3. Subscribe to automatic payment $5.00 per month.

***must be one year current to subscribe



    Annual Membership
    Members with annual memberships in chapters of good standing are referred to as Annual Members. All Annual members are required to pay dues annually. Members may renew dues online or by mail. Dues are $45.00 annually, which includes National and Chapter dues.

    Members are encouraged to:

    Attend meetings and participate in chapter activities
    Become familiar with FEW’s goals and objectives
    Become familiar with FEW’s Legislative Agenda
    Meet with legislators to educate them on FEW positions
    Keep abreast of issues affecting women and Federal employees
    Respond to action alerts by communicating with legislators
    Register and vote in local, state, and national elections
    Participate in program training in the areas of compliance, diversity and legislation

    A Lifetime Membership may be granted to any person eligible for membership who pays the applicable lifetime membership fee as specified in Article III, Section 5 of FEW’s National Bylaws.  Lifetime Membership is a one-time payment of $300.00.  Lifetime Membership does not preclude payment of yearly Chapter/Regional obligations.  Lifetime Members will receive a permanent membership card specifying holder is a lifetime member, a letter of acknowledgment signed by the National President, a personalized plaque showing Lifetime Membership, separate NTP registration, three (3) days early NTP registration, and separate entrance to NTP events.

    A Diamond Membership is an available upgrade to Lifetime Membership and is also available to Annual Members who meet Lifetime Requirements.  Members will receive a special place at the pre-registration desk at the NTP, reserved seating at NTP special events, an invitation to the president’s reception (first year only), recognition in the NTP Program Book, and a small gift bag at the NTP. Diamond Membership is a one-time payment of $500, or $200 if upgrading from a Lifetime Membership, one week early NTP registration, entrance to NTP special events with the NBOD, and name tags similar to the NBOD.

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